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Our water-based inks arecial for gravure surface printing on various plastic film; These show solid plate, bright color, clear image with water proof and good wet-rubbing fastness;

Our water-based inks are good adhesiveness, and no fading after tape peel test (need corona treatment) with very low odor and without odor residue; all inks are performance can be customized according to special requirements.

Typically speaking water-based ink could be considered if your application is to run at slower printing speed and on an absorbent substrate. The water-based ink that consists of

much less organic solvent could provide printers with less VOC emission issues to worry about. At 3R we had a customer that ran solely on water-based ink as VOC emission permits are required in the region. As the sales orders fluctuate from month to month, the VOC emission permit may be insufficient or excessive depending on the order quantity of that month. To avoid this issue, this customer went 100% water based.


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