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Proactive Scheduling & Monitoring

It is a comprehensive production scheduling that allows you to easily create, view and modify plans. Most importantly it ensures on time delivery and quick creation and processing of production schedules. Unlike a spreadsheet, it is able to deal with complex operational rules and a wide range of scenarios.

SDT Shop Floor Data Tracking System

Creating transparency, expecting accountability

Automated WIP tracking, production tracking, piece-rated or group incentive system, business intelligence report and graphs.

IEES Industrial Engineering Execution System

Transforming subjectivity to objectivity and guesstimation to precision

Pre-determined motion time system for standard time establishment, benchmarking quick labour costing and production planning

It is an analysis and planning tool for the sewing industry in setting time standards and rationalize work methods to ensure lowest cost and highest productivity. The IEES system is a centralized repository solution designed to optimize the process of standard time development and management of the garment production process through an industrial engineering approach.


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