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Bag Making Machine

Bag Making Machine



The World Steel flower sleeve bag making machine can be used for more than just flower bags. Coupled with our perforation machine, punching system and specialized parts it can also be used to make umbrella bags, sandwich bags and many different types of packaging.

Single side folding machines able to work with a wide range of plastic film, laminated co-extruded film. On customer request is available the independent “Shaftless” hydraulic unwinding group.

This machine is specially designed for gusset tubular CPP.PE.PP.POF, and automatically lift material design. It support unwind &rewind adopt constant tension control and automatic counting when it reaching setting length.

This machine is our newest design special bag making with both side-gusset and bottom-gusset, also can make different kinds of common bag suck as the D-cut bag, handle bag, flat bag, box bag, stand up bag, draw string bag.

The Automatic Machine converts either a Lay flat sheet or a tubular roll of PE or PP material into a Side seal bag and automatically attaches and seals a Zipper with ultrasonic sealing inline on the machine making a Zipper bag.

This machine is specially designed for making side hole bag, easy operation and fully automatic. The bag was widely used for chicken, bread and food industry.


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