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APS -Advance Planning and Scheduling

APS -Advance Planning and Scheduling


Intelligent supply chain optimization It has the synchronous and real-time constraint and simulative ability to all the resources like material, machinery, staffs, supply, customer demands and transportation that influence all factors of plan. If has the optimal, comparative and executive ability to all the long-term or short- term plan. Adopted the computing structure that is based on internal storage, it can calculate continuously and change the calculating model of batch processing. When changes occur. It will examine the limitation of ability, material requirement, transportation and fund for ensure the supply chain planning will be available at any time.

It Improving production efficiency is the eternal pursuit of enterprises delivery times and personalized customization. In order to fully meet the market needs of multiple varieties, small batches, short delivery times and personalized customization. Garment companies seriously need automation equipment.

And intelligent supply chain management to achieve industrial upgrading.


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