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Digitalization of the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, intelligent manufacturing is a strategic plan for the main line of world 's manufacturing development, and intelligent manufacturing is increasingly becoming a major trend and core content for the future development of manufacturing

Innovation is the source of industrial development and the first driving force to lead development. We are located in smart equipment manufacturing industry and even the global smart equipment manufacturing industry. To enhance the automation of the equipment manufacturing industry, the level of intelligence is the responsibility, liberating the labor force and putting a lot of burden The work is handed over to the machine to improve production efficiency, and let people engage in higher-end mental work, promote social division of labor and progress, unswervingly carry out technological innovation, and continue to optimize factory intelligent solutions

3R Consulting has forged strong partnerships with leading global technology companies to deliver best-of-breed solution to our customers.

We provide your business with a wide range of latest technologies or products available in the market for your needs. Regardless of whether you are a small or how big our clients’ desires, we will strive our best cater the needs of our valuable clients.

Our Mission Statement

We have dedication to our customers at all times by working harmoniously with the right attitude, maximum effort and
enthusiasm. In further, we are always providing the best quality service and delivering more than our promise & .
become the company of choice for our customers to work with together, the employees to work, the suppliers to
partner and communities to be served.

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We are providing new investment consultancy for foreign-based companies as well as human
resources & administration consultancy.


Shop Floor Data Collection & Tracking Solution with RFID

Manufacturing Executive System Solution

Which is to track the sewing operations in real time manner to gain insight on how to improve LEAN
productivity and quality, shorten time to shipping and increase the buyer satisfaction

  • To track from Cutting to Finishing
  • To reflect the production visibility
  • To identify the top performing lines and operators
  • To identify the shop floor outputs charted in minutes

Unit Production System Data Collection & Tracking Solution with RFID

Which is to track the sewing operations on an automated unit production system hanger in real time manner

  • To simplify data collection on UPS-based lines
  • To apply RFID embedded hangers for automated material hanger tracking

Industrial Engineering & Motion Study Solution

Industrial Engineering & Motive Manufacturing Executive System Solution

which is to benchmark shop floor sewing and work motions, set up operator best practices and get predictable,
reliable estimates you can trust.

  • Benchmark work and time standards based on MTM-2
  • Collect and improve work estimate accuracy
  • Easier time standards development
  • Store and search motion video analysis
  • Quick search organization wide IE standards

Quality Control & Assurance Management System Solution

Which is to gain insight into top sewing quality problems, identify sources of defects and rectify them at source,
before your buyers do

  • To uncover the quality issues and sources of defects early, before buyers do
  • To establish the accountable, responsible quality management on the line
  • To find the top defect trends and correct at the source

Advanced Planning & Scheduling Monitoring Management System Solution

Which is to create, view and monitor production schedules against actuals with customizable rules and alerts,
better than a spreadsheet

  • To schedule forward looking orders on drag and drop planning board
  • To see and receive alerts of possible scheduling or capacity limits


Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

AGV which benefit to your organization

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce operation cost
  • Provide ultimate flexibility
  • Decrease facility & product damage
  • Improve safety

Robotics solution

Numerous organization have stared to utilize more robots in the working environment as advancements in robotic innovation have been made. While robots still can’t do numerous capacities that people can, they are more useful now than any time in recent years. The way of robots is being utilized in the work environment, they can furnish organizations and employees with various favorable advantages.

  • Mundane tasks are reduced
  • Safety
  • Reduction in labor
  • Consistency
  • Precision
  • Increased output
  • Flexibility